Set Beryl as Bridge from tethered WAN access to LAN router

Searched settings to do this but can only find Access Point and Extender as bridge modes which either depend on direct cable access to WAN or WiFi with no option or command to use the tethered phone WAN access/router/modem? What am I missing?Is it possible?
many thanks in advance

Can you describe your use case to use bridge mode instead of router mode?

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I need to connect to the WAN side by physically tethered mobile phone hotspot with a device, such as a travel router (Beryl in this case) in bridge mode to my home router (handling DHCP) via cable rather than Wi-Fi from the gateway. Thanks.

Cannot really understand this. WAN or Phone tethering?

sorry, the phone is the WAN access point in this example with it tethered to the GLi beryl router to provide internet access to my LAN - I want to use DHCP and NAT from my home router without doubling DHCp & NAT from the Beryl… I cannot see how to set the Beryl in Bridge mode while tethering?

It may technically be possible to bridge the WAN and LAN together in the LuCI UI, but that’s something that I have not attempted. Why don’t you want to replace your home router with GL.iNet router?

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

Good question, thank you, I have now done exactly that, I didn’t want to initially because I am using 4 apple airport express with one as the main router and the others in bridge mode because the airport express routing and wifi mesh seems to work better for my apple client ecosystem. But, since you ask the question and having put them all in bridge mode and allowed the GLi router to do the work it does seem to be fast and stable so thanks for that :smile:

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Hi I am trying to do the same thing. In my case I use an Asus RT-AC86U as my main home router, due to some recent internet reliability issues in our area I would like to setup a Dual WAN but the Asus doesn’t work with tethering an iphone, android only so I would like to use the Beryl as a “gateway” to tether the iphone. Currently in tether mode when I connect my home router to Beryl LAN port, I cannot get the router to connect and establish internet.

Ideas to work around this would be great

Thank you

Is your Beryl set up in Router mode with your iPhone and, if you plug in a PC or Mac into a Beryl LAN port, are you be able to access the Internet?

Do you have an ISP Internet gateway already plugged into the Asus WAN port and a Beryl LAN port plugged into one of the Asus LAN ports that you have configured to be the secondary WAN?

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

I solved this for my setup by changing my home router settings to static ip and pointing it at the Beryl with it’s gateway / router ipaddress ( nominating the beryls IP address in the routers settings). I then disabled the dhcp facility in my home router to avoid double dhcp and Nat thus allowing the beryl to do all the routing tasks and leaving my previous home router in bridge mode. The beryl seems to do just as well at that as the other did. I’m getting a 90 gbps 5g iPhone speed reliably tethered to the beryl and downstream Wi-Fi speeds from the bridged mesh set up routers of 30 gbps.

I am able to connect a laptop too the LAN port of the Beryl while it is setup in router mode and tethered to iPhone without any issues.

That is correct I have my ASUS router WAN port connected to cable modem our primary internet source and the beryl connected to an ASUS LAN port that is setup as the secondary “WAN”.

I need the ASUS to handle the dhcp for the network because there will be times I use the beryl router while traveling.


Is the firmware on the Asus RT-AC86U up-to-date? I am running AsusWRT-Merlin firmware and am on my 3rd Asus router running AsusWRT-Merlin, which is very stable with bug fixes and other improvements.

Since you tested that the tethered Beryl is working properly with a laptop, double-check the following without connecting the ISP cable modem:

  1. The Beryl LAN IP subnet must be different than the Asus LAN IP subnet
  2. The Asus LAN port (configured as secondary WAN) is configured for “Automatic IP” so it gets an IP address from the Beryl DHCP server
  3. The Asus main Network Map page should show that the WAN is connected with an IP address from Beryl
  4. Try pinging the Beryl from a laptop connected to the Asus LAN
  5. Check the System Logs on both Asus and Beryl for unexpected messages

EDIT: Another test is to connect the Asus WAN port (primary WAN) to a Beryl LAN port, in place of the ISP cable modem, to see if that works.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet