Set DDNS to return IPv6?

For testing purposes.

I have an ipv6 address; looks like DDNS is returning ipv4 in my WG app on IOS.

Can I configure it to return ipv6 first / only ?

Not sure if DDNS will ever be IPv6 but you can try to get the IPv6 entry by requesting the AAAA record instead of the A record.

And IPv6 will only work if your device has IPv6 as well. So it depends on the device.

DDNS is a service, that allows with a short TTL to map a changing private IP to a static hostname.
There is no reason why any DDNS shouldn’t be able to serve AAAA (IPv6) records instead of A (IPv4) records.

But this is up to the company/person who provides the DDNS service.
When we are talking about GL-iNet, maybe they will provide this function in future. Let’s wait for an official answer.

If you’d like to use another provider, maybe is your solution.

As there are enough available IPv6 addresses for every device, it would make no sense to adding them dynamically. But as many people don’t like change, I assume we’ll stick with NAT and dynamic address assignments some time.

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Looks like Im going down another rabbit hole here :slight_smile:

@LupusE looks like GL DDNS supports IPV6 but it is not working correctly; it says addresses don’t match and they don’t but they should.
It is weird because they match 99%; just 3 letter seem off looks like a bug. attached is a screenshot and trust me everything after is the SAME it is just that one has one 0 and the other 0000; should be only 1 but DDNS return 4 zeros.

Is there a bug in GL DDNS ? see screen

@admon If I do AAAA lookup I get the WAN IP address with single 0

Im guessing the correct one should be the Interface address and there is a bug in router software display then ? because AAAA returns correct one… weird ? What to trust here ?

Ultimately I would like to try to get this Wireguard VPN SERVER running with IPV6 so I can get away with CGNAT. I understand there is no real need for DDNS with IPV6 but we never know; could change so DDNS could be great to return IPV6 since it is already aware of the ipv6 anyway.

Okay, this can really a bug.

At least, because the IPv6 standard says leading 0 can be ignored, and only zeros can be omitted.
So this should be all the same:


This needs a regex in for a validity check. I can imagine a bug in here.

Would not call it a bug, could be IPv6 prefix delegation. Depends on the ISP.
Mostly you will not get just 1 IPv6 address but a whole subnet.

Can’t confirm that since I don’t use IPv6

Actually now getting another IPV6 address (completely different) with DDNS and interface address still the same. What is going on with this DDNS ?
Does VPN client has to do with this ? it should not right ? DDNS should always return interface wan ip right ?

FYI: IPv6 DDNS is supported OOTB when using OpenWrt, ddns provider dependant, of course:

root@flint:~# opkg list-installed | grep ddns
ddns-scripts - 2.8.2-12
ddns-scripts-services - 2.8.2-12
luci-app-ddns - git-21.187.20976-699b7f0

(OWRT on RPi when, @uppppppp ? :wink: )

Would we go a little more in detail, what is the solution here?
A different IPv6 address of the same IPv6 subnet is assigned?

I’d like to join in, but my provider doesn’t support IPv6 right now. I am begging since 3 years, because the mother company does… That’s why I am very interested in this. My LAN is already IPv6.

Well, I can’t tell you what the solution in this case is, since I don’t have IPv6 to play around with.
I would assume that the DDNS address might not be the WAN address but the WAN network instead. Or maybe it’s the IPv6 privacy addon. It’s just a guess.

Since the router will do the routing then, this could/should be fine, I guess.