Set duckdns URL as endpoint in Brume Wireguard Server

Hello everyone,

I’ve configured my Brume 2 behind my Fritzbox, and everything is functioning as expected.

Since my Fritzbox has a dynamic public IPv4 address from my ISP, there’s a possibility that the IP may change at some point.

To address this, I’ve set up DuckDNS with my Fritzbox’s IP. From what I understand, DuckDNS will attempt to synchronize with the Router IP automatically.

However, I couldn’t find any option in my Brume 2 interface where I can set the DuckDNS URL as the connection endpoint.

Can I simply set my DuckDNS URL as an endpoint in my configuration, like so:, instead of my router IP? So it will always try to use the latest IP address?

I don’t use wireguard but I think you can use it as long as it resolves to yoyr public ip.

Just ping that use and see if it gives your public ip before putting it in the configuration.

I agree with this, the duckdns resolves and works correctly but the client profile created from the router only has the option to use WAN IP or the DDNS provided by

It would be good to have the option to override the Endpoint to include our own domain if required.

Also it would be good to give a default DNS other than

You can always change the config as you like, it’s plain text.
Since GLDDNS is the default DynDNS service of GL it makes sense that it’s the one which gets used.

Agree on edit config, it's easy to do.
To make life simpler it would be good to have configurable defaults like Endpoint over-ride and DNS over-ride. Then we can simply configure client via QR and camera.
Still don't understand why is set as default without any option to override, just add a text box defaulting to with option to set another default DNS IP.