Set exception for localhost in VPN

Hi friends, I was wondering how can I set from the OPENWRT console the exception of being able to open the localhost interface 192,168.8.1 while the VPN is ACTIVE?

I would like not to disconnect the VPN to enter the interface, is there a way?

Can you see your questions again?

Are you saying you cannot connect to the web UI while using vpn or you want to disable the UI while using vpn?

Once the VPN is inserted, if I try to open the GUI I can’t, do I have to suspend the VPN in order to have access to it?

Is it possible to insert a rule that allows me to open the GUI even if the wireguard VPN is active?

This should not be the case. Are you using vpn on the router or on your pc?

If you start vpn on your pc, your pc will connected directly to your vpn service and you will not be able to access the router’s UI. This is mostly the case. But I am not sure if this is your case.

If you start vpn client on the router, what you said should not happen, unless you use vpn bridge and bridged your pc to the vpn server directly. But vpn bridge is not on the router.

So can you confirm what you are trying to do?

The VPN service is active on my GL.iNet router (wireguard server). From the moment I configure the client to connect to the router’s VPN, I can no longer access:

You are using Wireguard server on your GL.iNet router, then you should use a client connect to your server from outside your network.

So, on what device are you configuring your Wireguard Client? Where are you using the Wireguard client?

I will try to better explain my configuration.

I have a Vodafone Station router to which I connected my AR750S device via cable on the WAN port.
Then I connected my notebook to the LAN port of my ar7520 via cable.
I activated wireguard server and created the client configuration for my notebook, since the WIREGUARD VPN is active I can no longer access the UI, in order to access I have to disconnect the tunnel of my notebook (wg client).

Is there a way to be able to create a subnet and be able to access the UI interface?

Your notebook is connected to the LAN port of AR750s, you should not activate wireguard on your notebook, because it is connected to AR750s directly.

So if you active vpn on your notebook, you are bypassing It does not related if you activated the wireguard server on AR750s.

this I know, I would like not to disconnect my notebook from the VPN and add a rule in order to create an exception for the connection to UI …