Set OPENVPN exception filter

When we enable the openvpn connection, all the traffic will globally go through the vpn tunnel, is it any setting or add some static router rules let the Lan port’s connection data direct by pass the vpn connection as an exception?

many thanks.

You can use the VPN Policy page to let some devices bypass the VPN:

try, but my MiFi VPN page have have not the policy tab, following the screen cut, do i need to install some addin?

Found this function at release firmware 3.028. thanks.

Try this VPN policy, it can’t filter device’s VPN access, might need find other ways.

Maybe you didn’t notice but you can either filter via domain/ip OR Mac Address of your device.
Select the Mac Address Policy from the dropdown menu, and select your device from the list. You can then set that device to bypass the VPN.

yes,I use the MAC address mark up my lan’s connection’s device mac, double test, it still go thought the VPN tunnel. is it a bug or something say in DOC that, the domain and IP is the destiation domain which like the netflix…