Set up dedicated IP on Slate AX or Beryl

I just purchased a dedicated IP address, but I don’t know how to set it up on my router.

Please refer to the link below to connect your VPN.

Then, you need to enable dedicated IP on the service provider’s website.
How to connect to your dedicated IP on Windows? | NordVPN support.

My OpenVPN is set up with nordvpn. Dedicated ip is enabled. But I want to be able to choose my dedicated ip in my VPN dashboard. I was hoping it was as easy as uploading a configuration file. I just need instructions on how to edit a configuration file to point to my dedicated ip, possibly. ?

Did NordVPN state which one of their servers have your dedicated IP address? If so, then try connecting to that server and checking the public IP address that is assigned. The dedicated IP address should be linked to your NordVPN account when you log in.

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dedicated IP is a private protocol for nordvpn, and our dashboard does not support it.

Does that mean there is no way to benefit from NordVPN dedicated IP address via Beryl AX?

I suggest that you contact NordVPN Support and ask about setting up dedicated IP on a router, specifically OpenWRT. They should have a specific server for your dedicated IP address

Turns out there is good support and it’s pretty easy. Once you buy dedicated ip on your account you can see your server. The format is COUNTRY_CODE#SOME_DIGITS

You need to go to this page: OpenVPN configuration files | NordVPN download corresponding configuration and then add it in the routers web interface. The option to choose is to add configuration based on a file.