Set up Gl-ax1800 wireguard server on netgear nighthawk route

I am connect to internet with a netgare nighthawk r8000 router. I need to connect a Gl-ax1800 to the router. The Gl-ax1800 needs to be running wireguard server.

I have connect the ax1800 to the netgear route via the wan port on the gl ax1800.

I am trying to set the port forwarding need to tthe ax1800.

When I look at the netgear. I see there is a wired device with the name GL-AX1800-24a

I see it has a IP address - 192.168. 1. 19
and a mac address 93:83:C4:1F:C4: 2d

So I went to port forwarding on the netgear and entered

| |#|Service Name| External Port| External IP Address |Internal Port| Internal IP Address|

|1| GLPOR TCP/UDP:51820 |Any| TCP/UDP: 51820||

Cant seem to see the port forwarding working?

Do I need a static address?

First, is the WAN IP of your AX1800 shown on the Internet page
For stable operation, you need to set a DHCP reserved IP for the AX1800 on the DHCP of the R8000 or use static address in AX1800.

From your description, the port forward is set up correctly.

How do you know it is not working?

Does Nighthawk r8000 has sepearete firewall settings? I hear that some routers has extra firewall settings which need to set up first before port forward working.

Do you have vpn client configured on the AX1800? This may prevent vpn server working.

Thank you for all your help. I believe we got it going. What would be the best way to test or best way to tell the connection is secure. Before I log into work network.

While you use cellular data, test that it actually connects and no IP and DNS leak.