Set up HTTP Proxy with VPN connected

Hey there,

is it possible to connect to my router through a HTTP proxy connection with extensions like tinyproxy/ squid when it is connected to a VPN?

Can you give more details of what you want to do?

My router: GL.iNet GL-X750 (Spitz) with LTE SIM
This one is connected to a PureVPN Server via Dashboard
I want to install Tinyproxy or Squid on it to run a HTTP proxy server

Is there a chance to connect through HTTP proxy protocol to that router while obtaining the IP of the LTE connection instead of the VPNs IP?

You can set up http proxy on the router although I haven’t done that before.

But from what you said, I am not very clear of your user case. To not use the VPN for some device, you can use vpn policy to bypass some website or devices.