Set up windscribe on GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2

Hi I am a novice requiring help. I have IPTV but my ISP keepsblocking me each time premier league football comes on. My IPTV provider recomended a Windsx4ibe VPN line and a GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 router yet I have no idea how to setup the router to the the VPN line? Cellphones work fine on it as I download the App on each device but my IPTV is still not working correctly leafing me to believe my router is not connected through the VPN line.
Any help.would be greatly appreciated.

If your ISP is taking such liberties, I think it’s time you switched internet providers!

You seem to be over-thinking everything - simply route everything (when at home) through the mini-router.

Unless you are using less then 10GB of bandwidth / month, I suggest you go take a subscription to a VPN provider of your choice (there are plenty of cheaper options than Windscribe).

You have to download the OpenVPN configuration files from Windsx4ibe, and then upload it to the router.

If you hadn’t upgraded the firmware, you can refer to this guide to set it up.

To avoid DNS leaking, you might need to set custom DNS.

Hi Thanks for both pieces of advice… but which do I need to do? My MAG254 (IPTV) box is hard wired through the GL.inet router so do I need to download and upload these files or is it ok as is?

You need to follow the guides given. If you don’t have the VPN running on the GL then you aren’t protected.