Setting fan to be cooler on mango?

My mango seems to be get pretty warm quickly…one reason is I am staying closer to a desert environment at the moment.

Any suggestions on how to read the values and set them…

I see this:

Would any of the below work, and how do I read the default in case I screw something up? So I can revert easily. I am thinking I first save the values of whatever I am changing… so would I do this to get the value?
ie uci get glfan.@globals[0].temperature ?


Options for me to try to have the fun run sooner and more often, any recommendation to which I should and its benefits? Thx
“uci set glfan.@globals[0].temperature=‘30’
uci commit glfan
/etc/init.d/gl_fan restart”

“uci set glfan.@globals[0].temperature=‘60’
uci set glfan.@globals[0].integration=‘4’
uci set glfan.@globals[0].differential=‘20’
uci commit glfan
/etc/init.d/gl_fan restart”

“/etc/init.d/gl_fan stop
gl_fan -v -t 60 -i 4 -d 20”

The mango does not have a fan.

Though if you are on beta 4.3 it could be that you have a option called hardware acceleration this can be a cause the cpu runs on its max, its advised to turn it off if it’s on.

It’s similar as to packet steering or it just higher clocks the cpu to process more packets, but for your case not advisable for the heat.


Buy a cooling fan, like a laptop or phone cooling fan that runs off USB or battery… To every problem there’s a solution…