Setting GL.INET ar-150 as Offline Web-server

I am so sorry if my question might sound funny or even confusing for you. I am a new user. I just bought my gl-inet ar-150 few days ago. I want to use it as offline web-server, running LMS Moodle on it. Can you tell me, or explain, step by step configuration to meet my purpose?

Moodle seems very big for the mini router. You may need to have an USB disk and use it as (1) exroot.

Then read this Set up a LAMP stack on OpenWrt [Old OpenWrt Wiki] to (2) setup lighttpd or nginx, php and mysql in openwrt.

then you need to install Moodle. This should be doable, but I don’t have a step-by-step guide.

I think GL-AR300M is more suitable for you because it has 128M flash already to hold your system.