Setting MTU Size on Beryl Router and Slate AX

I have both a Beryl and Slate AX. Both of them will only ping at an mtu size of 68 max. How do I alter the settings for MTU size and troubleshoot this issue? Could it be the main router? Trying to figure out.

Also, what is this? Menu_hwnat I see it as an option under Network in the admin panel.

How did you check the mtu? 68 is not possible I think.

The MTU of the interface you can check in LuCI → Network → Interface → Device.It is 1500 by default.

Which version of firmware are you using? It should not appear in the admin panel of Beryl and Slate AX.

Ping -D -s 68 on apple computer

4.1 beta for the Beryl

I went into Luci and this message popped up.

This is what ChatGPT had to say. Is it correct or did my router get hacked?

Me: You are a technical support wizard and I need help with my gl inet router. opened up Luci for my glinet router and it says network ifname configuration migration. The existing network configuration needs to be changed for LuCi to function properly. Upon pressing continue ifname options will get renamed and the network will be restarted to apply the updated configuration

It sounds like you are trying to access the web interface (LuCI) for your GL.iNet router and are encountering a message about network ifname configuration migration. This message is indicating that the current network configuration needs to be updated in order for LuCI to work properly.

When you press “continue,” the ifname options in your router’s configuration will be renamed and the network will be restarted to apply the updated configuration. This process is a normal part of updating the router’s firmware and should not cause any problems with your network.

However, it’s important to make sure that you have a backup of your current configuration, in case you need to restore it later. And it’s also recommended to have a wired connection to the router during this process and to have a device that can connect to the router via a wired connection in case of any unexpected problems.

If you’re still facing issues or have any doubts, it’s best to consult the GL.iNet router documentation or reach out to GL.iNet support team for further assistance.

If you are opening LuCI for the first time, this is normal and it needs to be synchronised with the configuration.

It isn’t the first time.

Wow. ChatGTP give the correct answer.


I don’t know MacOS, but in windows, I use the following to detect mtu

ping -f -l 1428

1500 is the mtu for data send via the Internet.
1428 is generally the mtu for carrier networks
If you use vpn, the mtu is even lower

But 68 is not possible.