Setting Site to site vpn for the first time

Hi team can you walk me through how to set up a site to site manually using gl-ax1800 and gl-mt3000. I want to be able to use my primary ip at home whiles I travel. How do I connect the gl-ax18000 to my primary router for the first time. Thanks

Super easy, just follow this guide: Build your own WireGuard Home Server with two GL.iNet Routers - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

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I do have a primary router home. So to begin with on the physical level where do I begin with. Do I have to connect the gl-ax1800 to my primary router or something. Is there a video that I can watch. Thanks

If your primary router does not support WireGuard, you need to connect your AX1800 to the primary router, yes. You should check if you can replace the primary one.