Setting up A 1300 Slate Plus and I get no internet when connecting to my Opal network

Has anyone run into this? It shows that it is connected in admin, but I don’t get any internet. Can someone please give me some advice on how to sort this out? I am on the latest firmware.

Try these for troubleshooting

  1. Connect your pc to the main wifi directly to check if you have Internet
  2. On your pc, try ping and to see if it goes through. If you can ping but not it may be a DNS issue. Just try set up dns on the router. Network → DNS
  3. ssh to the router and try do ping and ping from there to check if the router itself can do ping
  4. Check if you have a captive portal on your wifi.

Seems like the router detects Internet connectivity (Repeater link is blue, Internet link to the top left is blue). Problem seems to be with the laptop…maybe DNS, maybe Windows firewall config. Better follow what Alzhao advises.

The internet worked correctly through the main wifi. I wound up creating a hotspot on my phone and the Slate plus was able to connect to that even though my phone was connected to the same wifi that the router would not connect to initially. Kind of strange, but I was able to get wireguard to connect, so that works for me.

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