Setting up a home Wireguard VPN issue (Beryl AX and Slate AX)


I have a Beryl AX and a Slate AX router in order to use Slate as a travel router and use the Beryl as a VPN that I’ll be leaving home to be able to use my home IP address from abroad.

While I have configured the port forwarding from my ISP settings (I have a Vodafone ZTE residential router) as follows (I took the red number from the Internet tab of the Beryl router),

when I try to enable the Wireguard Client I get the message “The client is starting, please wait”, followed by the following log indicating some errors:

Please note that I am using a different connection for the two routers, so I guess this could be a Port Forwarding issue.

Is there any thoughts on how to resolve this?

Many thanks!

What do you mean by this?

I connected the Beryl to my residential wi-fi and the Slate to a mobile hotspot.

Is your residential wi-fi behind CGNAT or is it reachable by IPv4 from the internet?

So, excuse me if I am mistaken as I have a very limited networking knowledge, but I can see my WAN IP starts from 141, so I guess it is not behind CGNAT.

If it’s the real WAN IP and not a one you get from some “what is my IP address” website, yep.

Just a thought in case. Does the primary router firewall require to allow UDP 51820 on the WAN interface in addition to configuring port forwarding?