Setting up a Print Server with Opal Router for Epson L382 Printer

Hello everyone,
I’m seeking guidance on setting up a print server using my Opal router to connect an Epson L382 printer via a USB cable. My objective is to enable printing for all devices connected to the router, including from my phone. I’ve come across the OpenWrt documentation, which outlines different types of print servers such as CUPS and p910nd. [OpenWrt Wiki] Print server (printing over the network)
I would like to know which print server type is recommended for this setup and whether it will also work for my gl.inet router.
If anyone has experience with similar configurations or can provide insights into the recommended print server type for the Opal router and its compatibility with gl.inet routers, I would greatly appreciate your input. My goal is to make the Epson L382 printer accessible to all devices connected to the Opal router, including mobile devices, for seamless printing.
Thank you for your assistance and expertise.

This works for me (Iwith an old HP USB printer).

I have followed it, added printer successfully to windows pc, but it doesnt print, after pressing print test page its still in queue with state printing but printer does nothing.

Tried both Bidirectional mode on and off, but none works. Can anyone help me?

The printer is connected via usb correctly

Printer was successfully installed on conputer, I picked same driver as I use when I print with USB - expon official driver.
I can print directly from console by using echo Hello World! I print directly from console :) > /dev/usb/lp0. But I can’t print with driver from my windows computer.