Setting up a second Wifi (2.4 guest) on GL.iNet Spitz (GL-X750) to bypass the wireguard connection used for the first 5g wifi

Hi Guys,

I have very limitted knowledge in networking.

I am currently using a Huawei B525s 4G lte to connect to the internet this is giving internet to the GL-X750 via Ethernet cable to the wan port (192.168.8.X).

I have a GL.iNet Spitz (GL-X750) that I use to create a 5g wireless network (wireless network A) (for work devices).

I also use a home a second network a guest(limit what the guests can do and be able to stop the network when bandwitht is low) 2,4gh guest for other devices. (wireless network B)(for private devices)
I have also set up a wiregard interface WG.

GL-X750 has the capability to set up 4 wirteless networks I only need to use two A and B.

The issue is that A and B both sit behind the WG interface, I only need A to sit behind wg.

Ideally I want to get rid of the Huawei and just use the (GL-X750).

I am sure you guys might find this easy to solve, but please explain things is as much detail as possible.

Many thanks in advance

Guys ! Any advice? …

Please try to disable “Use VPN for guest network” If I understand your requirement correctly

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No that’s not the requirement.
My requirement is for the guest network reffered to as (B) not to use the wireguard interface, but distribute the internet coming from the master huawei rooter.

Sorry that still not very clear about the topology, can you draw a picture?

Yes there you go.
Please let me know if you need more explanations.

Why Spitz has a SSID named HUAWEI-B525-3B3D, is that the same with your Huawei B525s 4G lte modem?
If you using Spitz’s wifi, how the traffic should be when using guest and private wifi?

Yes correct, I am using the splits to replicate the huawei WiFi.
I have turned the huawei’s WiFi off so I can control the internet bandwidth.

The only thing I want to do is to make that network not go through VPN.

After checking your topology, this setup should meet your needs. If that doesn’t work, please tell me how you confirm.

Many thanks
Your suggestion was the good one!