Setting up a Smart DNS


I use NordVPN and just activated my SmartDNS option in my account settings. I am using the GL-MT300N-V2 and am trying to change the DNS server on the router to be the two that NordVPN provided. I put them into the “Manual DNS Server Settings” in the router settings and apply the setting. I don’t think it is working, but again I am very new when it comes to this sort of thing. I made sure my VPN is disabled on my router, as I only want to use the Smart DNS to get around streaming restrictions. I have tried searching to see how you can test your DNS and I have had not luck. Any help would be appreciated.

How to verify that the SmartDNS is working or not? Did you try to override the dns of the client?

Here is where my knowledge lacks. I thought if I just overrode on the router, where you can change the default DNS servers, it would also do that to what clients connect to that access point. Is that not the case?

You need to override the dns of all client, as below. But this may not be all. You need a valid checking method to determine if the smartdns is working.

Oh yes, I did select that option. I contacted Nord VPN and they said their SmartDNS does not work if you use it via the router, and will only work if you do it on the client side. I don’t know how that works as I have seen other Smart DNS services that allow it to run through your router.