Setting up a VPN that will work in China

I am currently in Xi’an China and have purchased a GL 300m router. Without a VPN I have on access to anything google or gmail related. I tried Nord, which works on my laptop, with no success. I was advised to try Shadowsock but am unsure how to load it and find the OVPN files to go with it. Can anyone help me with that one or suggest one that will work. Thank you for your time.

I was recenlty in Shanghai and had no problems with OpenVPN, Wireguard or Shadowsocks.

There is no OVPN file for shadowsocks… you need to know the settings of the server and put them in your client. I’m guessing unless you had it working before hand it may be difficult to set up at this point.

If you are using OpenVPN make sure you are using tls-crypt which help with the great firewall. Some people still report having issues. When I was there I found I had to use an IP address to get to my VPN server rather than a dynamic IP forwarding service. Luckily my IP at home does not change very often…

The best way to get VPN up and running ( imho) is using internet form a Mobile Network provider, ideally thru a USB dongle. I have lived a while in China and using vpn on cabled connections was a gamble but using China Unicom sim card in a dongle worked like a charm always. I was using an AR300M GLiNet router and PureVpn or ExpressVpn ( depending which one was giving me a better speed in the location I wanted to get access to).