Setting up Beryl MT3000

Hello, apologies for my lack of technical knowledge - trying to learn along the way, but I have been setting up the Beryl AX MT3000 & have some questions. For one, the only way I have been able to use the internet with the MT3000 is by plugging in the power cord and then plugging the ethernet into the LAN port of the GL router, and the other end into my apartment’s wifi router. WAN has not worked for me & Im not sure why, but Ive been told on this forum that the only way to use the IP address Admin Panel while using MT3000 is by connecting to WAN.
I connected to Admin Panel by unplugging ethernet, but then I couldn’t use wifi.

Another question I have is Im wondering how my apartment’s wifi processes data from the router. If I enable Tor/Open VPN and WireGuard with the MT3000, does it encrypt all traffic from my devices through the MT3000 router?

Final question is, how can I use this for example at a local cafe? Do I need to plug in the power cord? How can I connect to wifi without the ethernet? Again I apologize for my lack of knowledge but thanks in advance for any help!!

I think you should set aside a half hour or so and go over the documentation.

  1. Yes, you always need to plug in the power cord and let the router boot up.
  2. The normal way to use the router is as a router. Think of the router as having two sides: one side (the World or WAN) connects to the internet, and the other side has a subnet (the Local or LAN side) run by the router. The router keeps those two sides apart with a firewall, but routes data from one side to the other. So the ethernet cable goes from your apartment’s wifi router (one of its LAN ports) to the router’s WAN port. Now you connect a device, like a laptop, either with an ethernet cable to the router’s LAN ports or by wifi. Do not connect anyting to the Beryl’s WAN port except a cable to your apartment router.
  3. By default the Beryl has a subnet of 192.168.8.xx, and its own address is So you should be able to get to the admin page by typing in that address into a browser on a device connected to the Beryl’s subnet. While it can be made possible, it is never a good idea to connect to the admin panel from the WAN side.
  4. An advantage of the Beryl is that it can use its wifi radios to be both WAN and LAN. That is the cafe scenario, but before you get there be sure you connect to the admin page through steps 1-3.

Hi,you should confirm the IP address of your apartment’s wifi router ,if the address also is,there would be conflicts with berly’s LAN IP if you connect WAN port of the Berly to the LAN portyour apartment’s wifi router . That will result in WAN interface of Berly can not obtain ip address and other paramters,then you can not access internet via Berly. In this case you should change the LAN ip address(you can modify the LAN IP in admin panel ,click Network—LAN—Private Network ,eg:,then Berly will work right.

YES,you need to plug in the power cord to power on the router. You can set WAN link mode to repeater which connet to the internet with wifi but not ethernet cable.