Setting up ChinaDNS?

Hi, I recently bought the GL-AR750 and setup a Shadowsocks transparent proxy (the server is hosted on GCP). I noticed that the connection occasionally goes down for a few seconds/minutes and I’m having trouble troubleshooting the issue (I’m using it in China).

I am now trying to enable ChinaDNS so I went in to “Applications/China DNS” and enabled it. What does the “Enable Bidirectional Filter” option mean? Also, is just enabling it there enough for my DNS queries to go through it or do I have to setup something in other DNS sections (e.g. or

How can I test that ChinaDNS is working from my laptop?


Here’s some screenshots of my configuration, let me know if anything looks wrong:

I recommend you flash the 3.0 testing firmware, you can install the ss plug-in, and enable cloudflare.