Setting up home VPN on external GL iNet Router

Hi All,

I’m looking for some help to set up a VPN connection that I can use to connect from overseas. I have an Archer VR1600V router as my main router which my ISP has provided which is connected to the internet box. This router does not have a VPN capability on it (ISP has turned it off) but I have bought two AR750S for the purposes of setting up a VPN through one and connecting to it through the other.

I have currently have the VR1600V (lets call this primary router) connected to the internet and have an ethernet cable running from the VR1600V’s LAN slot to the AR750S (lets call this VPN router) router’s WAN port.

Now at a point where I have to set up a VPN (take my home IP address) so that I can connect to it from the second AR750S (lets call this connection router) router. I’m not sure what I need to do to get this done. Can anyone help out with this?

Make sure you start by logging into both AR750s routers and setup the language and password. After that, take a look at: WireGuard Server - GL.iNet Docs

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