Setting Up Network with VPN, SmartDNS & ISP Connection


I have two GL-AR750 and GL-B1300. I have installed latest test releases for both routers with VPN policies available.

With any of these two routers I want to achieve the following, preferably with GL-B1300 as I want to use GL-AR750 as my travel router.

1- My TV connected with one SSID that has its own custom defined DNS server (a smartdns service).
2- A SSID that has only VPN enabled.
3- A SSID that connects me directly with ISP (no VPN) but where I can use Cloudflare DNS servers.

I believe this is possible with one router but I request gurus here to please help :slight_smile:

Do you mean you want to broadcast three SSID with vlan? Why do you want it? Could you please explain more about your usage scenario?

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Here are three usage scenarios I need it for:

1- One SSID to have unrestricted VPN to unblock voice chat applications which ISP tries to block, but I want a few websites not to go through like YouTube, I have defined a few websites in VPN policies though.

2- SSID where I don’t need VPN as some local websites do not open on VPN, also some payment websites find it Suspecious if I’m connected via VPN. In this scenario I’m connected directly with ISP. But I will still prefer using Cloudflare DNS here if possible.

3- I want to have seperate DNS server for my android TV to access content of some streaming websites, also I don’t want this to go through VPN as content service providers will block it.

Actually, you can use VPN policy to do that.

You can start an VPN client on the router, and enable the VPN policy.

#1 You can add those websites which you want over VPN tunnel, and other websites go through ISP
#2 You can connect GUEST SSID, which won’t over VPN tunnel, set Cloudflasre DNS as your DNS server
#3 The same as #1? Maybe you can do that with VPN policy.

1- This one I guess I can. But other two… May be not.

My question is:

Guest SSID on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz can have different DNS servers?
Let’s say Guest SSID on 2.4Ghz uses Cloudflare while 5Ghz has custom defined DNS server?

If it is possible then where can I enter custom DNS server for Guest SSID 5Ghz? Thank your for your help :slight_smile:

No! It can’t. :smiley:

If I add another interface and hook it up with LAN or WiFi, custom DNS isn’t possible yet?

Another option I am thinking about…
Guest WiFi and LAN can have different DNS… Right? :wink:

Sorry, it can’t. Only internet interface has DNS server, if Guest WiFi and LAN WiFi traffic are forwarded to the same wan interface, they use the same DNS server to resolve. Unless you have multiple wan interface.