Setting up offline wired-wireless LAN (AR750)

Hi there,

I have a sound mixer with an Ethernet port on it by which I can attach it to a wireless router, then connect to that router wirelessly with a utility to remotely control it. For over a year, with an old device, it worked great, but then the old wireless router died, and I replaced it with an AR750.

I don’t need to access the Internet. All I need is for the mixer (attached to one of the LAN ports on the AR750) to be connected on the same subnet as the tablet that’s wirelessly connected - and be able for them to see each other.

(mixer)-------[ethernet]--------(AR750)— – – – [wifi] – – – (tablet)

For the life of me, I can’t seem to figure out the configuration to do that. Virtually all the threads and discussions I’ve seen involve situations where people want to access a WAN/Internet. But I just want these two devices to be able to communicate.

Would appreciate any help the community might be able to offer.

Which firmware are you using for? The Mixer and Tablet are sit in the same subnet, I think it can work without any specified configuration.

I’m using the most current stable one from the GL Inet site. 3.x, maybe? I updated it a couple of nights ago.

I’d have thought it would be straightforward, too, but when plugged in, the mixer isn’t showing up as a LAN client in the admin interface. When I plug the mixer in to my desktop computer directly from the same port, though, it comes right up. So I’m reasonably certain the mixer isn’t the issue.

Not sure why, could you please change to another vendor to see if it can work directly?