Setting up port forwarding in gl-x750

I want to access a computer the router’s network from outside without VPN. How can I do that?
Here are my settings right now: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

When I ssh, it’s not working

My external IP is the one I get from and not the one in the home page of router setting, right?

Your external zone should be set to WAN, change that and it should work :slight_smile:

I did and it’s still not working. Do I have to Open Ports On Router as well?

No it should be enough with just port forward.
How are you testing if you are able to access the PC?
Are you trying to go to the external ip you got from the site, from your internal network?
If yes, it won’t work, you should try it from a mobile phone or another network that is not yours.

I’m using my phone’s network to connect to it: ssh -p <forwarded_port> user@external_ip

Also, since its a x750, are you using the modem on it to get internet access? Your operator might have Double NAT, then your IP is shared and you won’t be able to run a server via your operator unless you pay for a fixed public IP.

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Yes, I’m using the modem on it. Oh I see. Interesting. I’ll verify that with my provider

Although, I’m able to get the WireGuard VPN server on it working. But in that case, only my phone’s WireGuard client can connect to it and not my Mac

Perhaps I should make another post about that issue