Setting up Wireguard Server V3 Software 750s

After I start the WIREGUARD SERVER on the 750s, which ports do I have to forward to allow me to get my phone to connect to the WIREGUARD SERVER. I have already transferred the CONFIG files to my phone, but there is not internet.

In the FIREWALL section it lists ‘Internal IP’, ‘External Ports’, and ‘Internal Ports’. What do I put there?


The port will be opened when you click on the start button.

You fail to connect the WireGuard Server, in general, it causes by IP address, you might not have a public IP address in your AR750S. Could you please confirm it?

Ahh ok. The router is running as a wisp to the main router in the house. So I’d have to open the port on the main router?

You have to configure port forwarding in your main router, and your main router must have public IP address to let it works.

Sorry to reply to this so late but I’m looking back on this thread trying to get my WireGuard server working.

Is anyone able to clarify which ports specifically must be opened on the main router?

In the wireguard server configuration page it asks you what port you want to use when creating the server. You need to forward that port, with the UDP protocol.

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