Setup a bridge from LAN to WLAN? (AP)

Hey guys,

so I want to use the 150M as an access point or bridge from my Siemens PLC (I think it should be the same with any PLC) -LAN>WLAN> to my Laptop. So far I have not been able to connect to it or even find it.

Does anyone of you have something like an instruction for this at hand or would be able to assist via Teamviewer? I’m new to LuCi, GLi and stuff like that.

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so you want to bridge lan and wan?

Here is one solution, but you need at least ssh to the router. When you set up password for the router, you can ssh to the router. If you use MAC or Linux, you can just use ssh from terminal. If you use windows, you can use putty.

ssh root@

Then download this script by executing the following scrip. AR150’s switch is BTN_8

wget -O /etc/rc.button/BTN_8

wget /usr/bin/switch_mode

chmod +x /usr/bin/switch_mode

chmod +x /etc/rc.button/BTN_8

Now the function is assigned to the switch. If you move the switch to the left, you are using router mode; if you move the switch to the right, you are using the ap (bridge) mode.

ok, I’ll try the connection tomorrow, thanks for your help.

Now the next question is, how to I do the exact same with the MiFi (150M)?

This one doesn’t have a switch.


I got that one with LTE to give out to a offsite worker so the MiFi can connect to a VPN over LTE and I can connect from my office.

@hans_meier, sorry this cannot be done in MiFi, which don’t have the switch.


I just applied the BTN_8 and switch_mode scripts. What is next?

This is close to what I need as well. I dropped the script on my 300M, changing to BTN_1 but it’s not quite right so I pulled it out.

When I slide the switch to the right, what I need is to bridge the wireless port and the LAN port so that there is no NAT or DHCP. Any device plugged into the Ethernet LAN port should simply look like another wireless device and get an IP address via DHCP from the WiFi router. I don’t care if the 300M gets an IP address for itself. Possible?

When I slide it to the left, I’d like the router to work in WISP mode NATted to and passing out DCHP addresses as normal.

@pinoy, the scripts works for AR150 immediately. Moving to the right side bridges the WAN, LAN. Wifi is also bridge to WAN.

@wayne47, I didn’t get a time to test on AR300M. But seems you are talking about wireless bridge, which is quite different from the wired-bridge. You have to make sure your router works as WDS and the mini router can connect to it as WDS mode. The original script only bridges WAN and LAN port but your wireless is not touched.

I’d like to keep WDS out of the solution to preserve compatibility with as many access points as possible. I know that I’ve done this, years ago, on DDWRT, my OpenWRT experience is more limited. It should be fairly simple: disable the DCHP server, disable NAT, bridge the WLAN to the LAN port, pass the DHCP request seen on the LAN port through to the main wireless AP; there is no reason for the main AP to need WDS. Note that I’m willing to lose all connectivity to the AR300M to make this happen and I’m fine with a command line solution. I’ve tried doing this through LuCI with no luck so suspect I need to create a script.