Setup AR300M to bridge 2 ethernet LANs

I wish to get ethernet LAN connection into my outhouse - there’s an IP Cam there which I’d like to view from the house. I can’t get Powerline working there for some reason, and I don’t really want to run a cable, but there’s a WiFi signal from the house that’s reasonably strong.

I wonder if this would be what’s known as a WiFi repeater, but with Ethernet breakout? Or maybe an Ethernet bridge over WiFi.

How do I do this? So far I tried the repeater app(?) which is on the router’s dashboard. This did enable a laptop plugged in to the same switch as the GL-iNet to be able to see the Internet. However, what I can’t seem to do is see the output of the camera from the laptop when plugged in the house. I wonder if there’s some kind of routing issue - a bit like NAT?

Any suggestions?

you had IP and outhouse in same sentence lol :wink:

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ok is it an IP cam or an I Pee cam?

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Ah! We’ve not used that term for an outside loo for many many years here! :wink: