Setup Astrill on GT-MX3000 router in China

Hello. I am in Shanghai China, and trying to setup Astrill on my GT-MX3000 router using both OpenVPN and Wireguard protocols. In both cases, I’ve followed instructions to successfully load the .ovpn files (for OpenVPN) and .conf files (for Wireguard). In both cases, I’m stuck with a yellow light and no ability to connect to Astrill. So, my questions are:

  1. Does Astrill work for VPN access via GT-MX3000 router in China?
  2. If Astrill does not work, can anyone recommend a VPN service that will work with this router in China?


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Hello, Nightwing88.

According to my understanding, Astrill’s availability in China is restricted, resulting in VPN accounts being unavailable on the router side and therefore unable to access its services.
At the same time, due to various factors, including network congestion, technical limitations, and regulatory policies, there is no guarantee that any specific VPN service will work completely properly in China.

Same here, in Guangzhou. Nothing seems to work. The thing is, I’m connecting with the Astrill app on my computer just fine. But the GT-MX3000 won’t connect, and I have tried the OpenVPN and WireGuard configurations. Tried Seattle, LA, and HongKong. No luck, only the yellow “trying to connect” icon.

Hi rickydeemoose,

We have also verified this issue, and Astrill may have handled it specifically for Windows clients, but it was banned on the router,

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Ok, thanks! :pray:t3: If you can recommend a VPN that will work in China, on the MT3000, I’d definitely appreciate it! But in any case, thanks for your reply - at least I know it wasn’t a setup error on my part.

As far as I know, Openvpn and Wireguard won’t work. Astrill has Windows / Mac / iOS clients that will work on their stealth protocol, and they have a router applet for DD-WRT but I have been searching and am not yet able to find a DD-WRT compatible router from GL-iNet’s current line-up. I was trying to find a way to install DD-WRT on current GL-iNet offerings (no luck) or get the discontinued AR150 which is DD-WRT compatible (also no luck).

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