Setup gl-inet MT2500 as drop in router

Hi all - hope you can help. I have purchased the MT2500 and would like to setup as a drop in router so in essence, keep my ISP Modem/Router.

I can access the admin console and change to drop in router however when I do this and connect via the image, I cannot connect to the device.

I have set a static IP address on the MT2500 within range of my DHCP scope from main ISP router and also reserved this address on my main ISP Router. When I connect the wan port of the MT2500 to the lan port of my router, I cannot access it. Please could you assist.

Spent hours trying to make it work but cannot figure it out.

What is your firmware version?

Your connection is correct.

When you want to access MT2500’s admin panel, pls just connect to MT2500’s LAN port and try.

You mean WAN IP, right? that should be OK

I reset the router and enabled dropin gateway and it now works for a short period of time (5-10mins). After this I lose access to the router and can no longer access the GL router (using default IP of If I power down the router and power back up, I am able to access again but again after a short period of time, I lose access. Please could you assist?

Pls let me know your firmware version.