Setup Help: Broadcasting 2 WiFi networks, with VPN on one.

Hello Everyone,

I have 2 WiFi networks running currently:

  1. WiFi 1 (Direct) My Internet comes in from my ISP to my router (UDM-Pro) and the gets broadcast through my switch (US-8-150W) to access points (U6-Pro) around the space.

  2. WiFi 2 (VPN) I’m running a second network on a VPN Router (GL.iNET GL-AX1800) which gets it’s internet feed from the UDM-Pro as well. From here I broadcast a VPN network from the GL.iNet router.

The problem is that the VPN network is restricted to the immediate area of the GL.iNet VPN router, and doesn’t go to the other rooms.

I’d like to, somehow, feed the VPN network from the GL.iNet router back into UDM-Pro or into the switch, so that I can broadcast both networks (independently) over the U6-Pro access points.

This would enable access to both networks Direct and VPN throughout the space.

The hardware I currently have is:

Main Router: UDM-Pro

POE Switch: US-8-150W

Access Point(s): U6-Pro

VPN Router: GL.iNET GL-AX1800 Glint (running wireguard) - getting a line in from the UDM-Pro, and then transmitting it independently as a seperate VPN WiFi network.

How would I go about solving this?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

The Drop-in Gateway feature available in version 4.1 maybe will solve your problem. When Drop-in Gateway mode is enabled on the AXT1800, it will handle all your traffic instead of the main route.

Please note that enabling it will increase latency and reduce network stability. We plan to optimise it in
Version 4.2.

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I believe you will have a (bridge) interface with the VPN network. All you need to do is getting a physical eth interface device attached to that, so you can get that spread around the network.

Although I have not personally tested on my Unifi U6-Pro, I think you can use the Unifi Network Controller to create a 2nd “VLAN-only Network” with a separate DHCP server to be the GL-AX1800 and to create separate WiFi SSID’s assigned to the 2nd Network.

The GL-AX1800 WAN port would be plugged into a UDM-Pro LAN port. Both a GL-AX1800 LAN port and a UDM-Pro LAN port would be plugged into the US-8-150W. The UDM-Pro and GL-AX1800 would each have its own DHCP server with separate, non-overlapping scopes within the same subnet.

Depending on which SSID it is connected to through the U6-Pro AP’s, a client device would get a different IP address and gateway address to either the UDM-Pro or the GL-AX1800.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

Does the latency increase affect only those added devices if using partial cover or it affects all?

Affects only those devices that have been added.