Setup Help Needed

I have a GL-AXT1800 wireless router which I am going to use as my main home WiFi router. I will connect my ISP’s box to this router as an Internet gateway, disabling all other router and switch functions of their box.
I will then need to extend my network coverage and I was thinking of purchasing two GL-iNet-GL-SFT1200 routers to use as wired access points.
i.e. I would connect my ISP’s box to the WAN port of the GL-AXT1800 and one GL-iNet-GL-SFT1200 to LAN1 and one to LAN2.
Would this configuration work and what would I need to do to hook it all up?

Purely theoreticaly it should work. But I recommend to use repeater mode on one of them or buy something like this to make both work independently.


Never buy ethernet-splitter. They are the worst.
Buy a switch instead, if you need it.

Forget that those splitter even exist.

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Ow. What the. I posted wrong link. Sorry. Fixed!

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I’m pretty sure there are ethernet “splitters” that are just a switch with 2 physical ports.

I’m going to likely find out soon whether they’re all garbage or not, because my weird use case demands a 2-port switch.