Setup proxy through GL-AXT1800

I have created a proxy server on one computer which is in location A and I’ve travelled to location B where I tested the proxy server with firefox the following way: in firefox settings I find the network proxy settings and I enter the IP address and the port. It just works. (I made sure to setup port forwarding back at location A so the proxy server would work).

is there a way to configure my GL-AXT1800 to route all traffic to my proxy just like above?

Do you want to set up an HTTP proxy?
You can install Squid or Tinyproxy, then set it up in LuCI.

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Thanks for the reply! So please help me get started as I’m fairly new to this. I had read about squid and tinyproxy, so I went into the applications menu, searched for tinyproxy and installed it. I also checked out LuCI (Advanced settings) but once I’m in there, where do I go to configure tinyproxy/squid?

Services → Tinyproxy/Squid
If they are hidden, you will need to log out in LuCI and log back in.

Okay here is what I have after installing. I logged out and back in but still no services menu at the top? I’m using the AXT1800 is that a limitation of this model?

Do you have luci-app-tinyproxy installed?
You can only configure the service on LuCI after installing luci-app-*.

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ha! so plugins configurable with the interface are the ones which start with luci-app-, okay I will remember that.

Can tinyproxy an Squid be used as a client side tools to connect to a proxy server? or are they essentially server creation tools? I’m mostly interested in routing all traffic toward a proxy server I have already setup at location A.

They may can help you:
How I set up Tinyproxy as a forward proxy and reverse proxy | by Isabel Costa | Medium
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