Setup router via LAN remote


I bought a GL-AR300M16-Ext for my parents, and now I want to set it up remotely.

I have the device behind a Fritzbox router, the IP address of the GL is I connect remotely to the Fritzbox via VPN and have full access to all network devices. But now I can’t log in the web interface and set up the GL-AR300.

The GL-AR300 is connected via the WAN port and is displayed in the router, but I can neither log in via the IP, nor via as described in the manual. I have no way to log in locally via Wi-Fi and have to get remote access. Is it possible to set up the device via LAN, or do I need to connect to Wi-Fi locally?

Login to your GL’s LUCi web interface then go to the firewall settings under the network tab.

You will see a rule for the wan interface. Change the input from drop/reject to accept and save to take effect.

Now your wan interface which is connected to your fritz should accept traffic.

I can’t go to the web interface. That’s the problem. I can see the GL-router on my Fritzbox router interface, but I can’t access the GL webinterface via or

Aha! I thought you are at home and have physical access to it!

Can you try ssh?

The problem is your GL modem treating every initiated connection coming from the WAN port (Fritz in your case) as UN-trusted. You need to access it, so that you can change what I suggested before.