SF1200 very slow with wireguard or openvpn

Hi, it seems the cpu restrict the velocity of the VPN. With OPENVPN I got ca. 11 by 15 MBit and with wireguard I got ca. 55 Mbit/s. If I use the surfshark app on my phone or pc I got 150 Mbit. Why did you restrict the speed of the VPN, is this due to the cpu restriction?

That is the said performance of this router.

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You should go with the AX1800 (flint) .

Runs extremely well on the latest V4.1 firmware, the screenshot below is the speed I get from the Flint, running Mullvad VPN over Wireguard (Connected with ethernet cable it’s even higher, reaching 700+mbps on my Xbox)


Can you please tell me what is the max speed via openvpn for this router and which model could you recommend in order to get at least 20Mbit via openvpn? This is the second model I ordered and will have to return to Amazon. I am getting up to 6-7 Mbit and without this router I am able to get 18Mbit of download speed.

I can do 20Mbps on old AR300-M and SF1200 is similar hardware so should be in the same ballpark. It does vary I’d say 15-20Mbps and I have seen 25Mbps at times. (WireGuard)

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