SFT-1200 cannot be reached in repeater/WDS mode

Hello everyone,

I need your help, as I haven’t quite understood what the problem is yet :slight_smile: I use a Flint as my main router at home and, one floor above, an SFT-1200 as a repeater or “network to Wi-Fi” connector for my NAS.

The repeater is connected to the main WLAN via 2.4 and 5 GHz. The NAS is connected to the repeater via LAN. My computer connects to the main router or the repeater, depending on which signal is strongest. The Internet works perfectly, and I can also reach the NAS.

Now for the problem: I can’t access the repeater. Neither via WebGUI nor via SSH. I know that a corresponding warning is written when WDS is switched on - but I don’t understand why this is the case?

I have set the firewall on the repeater to any-any, so that doesn’t seem to be the problem. Furthermore, I’ve also noticed that a different MAC address is displayed for the repeater in Flint every time, so I can’t assign a static IP. Is this related to this? Does a repeater have to use dynamic MAC to be able to assign traffic?

So far, I have always had to deal with wired repeaters and not with WDS.
I am therefore grateful for any advice :slight_smile:

Which ip are you using to connect to it?

The one, since it’s the IP of the device within the main WiFi.

Edit: If I give the repeater a different SSID, I can also access the ‘’ (via the main router). But as soon as I am connected to the repeater, this no longer works.

Because when you connect to the main router it needs the ip of its own pool. So if its own pool is in the same range as the other devices you need to turn off authoritive dhcp within luci as it is fighting with the main router to give ip’s out.

If its own ip pool is different to the main router/the ip given by the main router then you need to use that ip… For example, if your router assigns 192.168.8.x then you need to use to admin the router WHILE CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO IT.

Totally edit (I’ve read your post wrong the first time):

The newer firmwares of GL-iNet are changing the MAC on the WAN Port on every boot. As far as I remember this is fixed in one of the early 4.0.x releases, so you should be able to set a static MAC.
Also this should be only for WAN, not for WLAN.

So your LANCOM operates on a different net, not
I can imagine the requests to are going over to LANCOM and will be dropped.
Please check arp -a on, if the MAC for is the same as on the SFT-1200.

What is the Gateway on 192.1168.177.177? The Flint or the LANCOM?

The warning is meaning ‘if you don’t know the IP, you can’t reach your device anymore’. This should not be your issue here.

It shouldn’t be the case since it’s the same subnet and DHCP comes from the main router.

Oh, I just recognized, I edited my answer above, but you won’t be notified about a change in a post.
So, here is the notification, to my former post.

It operates in bridge mode, so no known IP here.

What the heck. Why. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Because security.
The MAC is an unique identifier. If the hotel wants to know about their customers, that can track addresses of Laptop, Mobile, Router. Regardless of your room, you are the same person.

So for privacy the WAN MAC is changed. Makes sense for road warrior. But should be optional for home/private users.

So, you have not answered the Question. Has the LANCOM Network another IP range?

But you could test it the other way around:
Plug WAN from the Flint. Does the Computer now reach the SFT-1200?

  • The computer, connected to WLAN SFT-1200 can reach the Admin panel? But can reach the NAS.
  • The computer connected to WLAN Flint can’t teach the Admin Panel? But can reach the NAS.

It this correct?

After some testing, it might be more a Wi-Fi issue than a real device issue.

Seems that high load on Wi-Fi will simply make the admin portal unreachable - not sure why, since it’s not high CPU load; perhaps because the same chip that serves the SSID as a repeater is also the one that provides the connection to the main router

In your setup (picture) should the Opal WLAN not be under such heavy load. Except the NAS got a CCTV stream or a media center.

Well, the Connection between both routers isn’t the best and since 5 GHz is used “twice” (outward & return path), I can imagine that the load will not be as low as thought.

5 GHz is not good for distance.
When I use the repeater mode on a camping site, I always use 2,4 GHz for the remote WAN and 5 GHz internal.
If possible, the Shadow only supports 2,4 GHz.

Tomorrow my new Beryl AX will arrive. Than I can test between Beryl AX and Slate AX as main router. But I think I will switch asap to 802.11s (Mesh) tests.
But this devices have much more power. Your Opal is more comparable with my Beryl, but this one is at the moment on a remote site. I can reach it earliest at Christmas.