Sft1200 opal issue with usb tethering after updating to 4.3.11

Hi All,

I generally use my router to tether my phone internet.
As soon as i connect my phone to the usb port and enable usb tethering on the phone the router gets the internet from my phone.
I upgraded my router from 4.3.7 to 4.3.11 today.
The tethering is not working properly now.
Everytime I dis-connect and re-connect my phone the portal says connecting under tethering and shows an option “Abort”.
If i click abort and click “Connect” it work fine, but the problem shows up again after disconnecting the usb and reconnecting it again.
I tried resetting the entire modem. it still has the same issue.
Now, I reverted back to the previous firmware and don’t see this problem anymore.

Hope this reaches the devs and will fix this in the next update.

Which phone are you having issues with?

Pixel 8. I am having the same problem how do i resolve this frustrating issue?

There seams to be a firmware -issue in 4.3.11 with tethering. Have a look at the other threads dealing with this problem.

Pixel 7 and 6a
Both have the issue.
Tech Support reached out to me.
They confirm its a bug and it will be fixed in v4.5.0

So Until then… Ill not be upgrading.

Download the firmware that I mentioned in the first post and install manually and dont upgrade until v4.5.0 is released

So downgrade to 4.3.7?

Yes downgrade. To 4.3.7

They need to update this then:

I cannot recommend 4.3.7 as you are vulnerable to this:

There will be a fix and firmware upgrade.

Any chance that Siflower could supply an updated SDK at the same time?

I don’t think it will be.