SFT1200 Opal with MWAN3

I’m struggling to find MWAN configuration info on the SFT1200 Opal router.

I just want to have fail over priority manual set.

WAN highest (tethering via USB C to ethernet adapter)
Tethering Second highest from phones USB port when I want a second mobile option as backup
Wireless extending/repeater mode…This is the slowest option I have but works when my carrier data with mobile is slow. including the screen shots of my load balance config

I’ve installed luci-app-mwan3_1.4-3_all.ipk from the gl-inet packages site…

It appears I got it working now but the status page doesn’t update when it’s offline…
If I go to the detail page it shows the tethering is down but the page below still shows as online.

This takes some time to detect, perhaps a minute or so, depending on the interval of pings you configured

I used default 5 sec ping interval with 3 for interface down and 8 up… as it shows on my screen shots. I waited 10 minutes for the status screen to update… it did trip over and back again when unplugging/plugging back in but that status page never updated… waiting 10 minutes before plugging it back in.

You can log in to the router through ssh and run the mwan3 status command to check the working status