Shadow Network

Trying to put the ARM-150 behind my wired Linksys. Using DHCP on WAN port doesn’t seem to work; shows not connected. When I put a static IP on the port it shows connected but I am unable to connect to Internet via the LAN port. Topology is as follows:

Cable Modem <------> Linksys (acting as DHCP) <—> Wireless Bridge to basement <–> Wired Switch <–> ARM-150 WAN Port (static)

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong

When you use dhcp and cannot get an IP address, it may means cable is defective or switch problem. So pls check.

Changing to static IP will not solve the connection problem.

If I understand correctly, both the Linksys router and the ARM-150 are on a 192.168.1.x subnet. They need to be on different subnets. Set the ARM-150 on 192.168.2.x or higher.

Check subnetwork and CIDR on Wikipedia.

Thanks… The cable is good. When I set static the connection shows green. I also tested with a computer and it works. I need to play with this more.