Shadow packet drops every 45 seconds when connected through WAN

Hi all,

I saw numerous other posts mentioning this but couldn’t find a resolution. Like clockwork, every 45 seconds my Shadow client experiences ~two seconds of huge latency and frame drops. This makes it unusable for video calls, for instance. This is applicable to all devices connected via wifi to the Shadow (none of them have ethernet ports anymore). This happens regardless if VPN is enabled or completely disabled, and regardless of the wifi settings, channel settings, etc. I’m on the latest software available to download through the UI.

I tried everything suggested in other threads, but the only solution is to connect the Shadow client to the Internet source via wifi. So Router → Wifi → Shadow → Wifi → end devices. Wherever I try to use the ethernet connection, this issue appears and persists indefinitely. This appears regardless of the Internet router or internet provider - it appears with all 5+ I used the Shadow with at this point.

Has this been addressed / resolved? As is, with the ancient 2.4ghz radio, this seriously handicaps the Shadow, as the points of failure are too many with reliance on two uninterrupted Wifi 2.4g wifi broadcasts, and the performance is limited to 10-20mbps one way at best.

Hey there,

please follow this guide to provide some more information:

In your case, we would definitely need all the information from the troubleshooting section plus:

  • Permanent ping from an end device that is connected to the Shadow to the Shadow itself.
  • Permanent ping from an end device connected to the shadow to the main router.