Shadow socks on GL routers?


Is there any way to add ShadowSocks? This is one of the best option to bypass firewalls…

Unfortunately, there is no way without installing plenty of additional software and doing additional configuration. The best way is to use a router (could be even a GL one) that supports plain OpenWrt.

See for example this thread about how to get it working: VPN from Iran - blocked access

It looks not the case for me as GL adds many good features, so… I think I will select “plenty of packages”

I doubt that “plenty of packages” will work without plain OpenWrt, tbh.

How to make a feature request? Can you please forward this to technical team as feature request?

I doubt it will be included in future.

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Its not that easy to make a feature request and they be like ok sure here u go... You're not ordering a pizza. we tried for 1 month non stop and could not make it work. :slight_smile:

what models of GL-iNet routers support pure OpenWRT on which you could upload pure OpenWRT software and then set Shadowsocks?

You can check here: Firmware Versions - GL.iNet
If the website says, "SDK: Native OpenWrt" you can check here, if there is a current version of OpenWrt for the device available:

Currently, I only have Slate AX GL-AXT1800 (SDK wlan-ap-v2.6.0) and I have a question: is there a chance that this equipment will ever have Native OpenWrt support?
I see that there is a similar Slate Plus GL-A1300 router (Native OpenWrt SDK).
I see that they have similar processors:
GL-A1300 CPU: IPQ4018 Quad Core, @717Mhz
GL-AXT1800 CPU: IPQ6000 Quad-core, @1.2 GHz

I have another router that could use D-Link DIR878, on which I have OpenWRT installed and I could test Shadowsocks, do you have any advice on how to configure and use it so that I can test it?

Purely theoretical, this can work:

opkg update
opkg install shadowsocks-libev-ss-local shadowsocks-libev-ss-redir shadowsocks-libev-ss-rules shadowsocks-libev-ss-tunnel
opkg install luci-app-shadowsocks-libev