Shadowsocks client on GL-AR300m

GL-AR300m running firmware 2.72

I installed the following from the app repo

  • shadowsocks-client
  • shadowsocks-libev
  • shadowsocks-libev-server
  • luci-app-shadowsocks

And rebooted.

But when I go to VPN in the , I still don’t see the Shadowsocks client or server.

Any advice. Thanks

you should find in luci->service

v3.0 firmware is recommended. You can download from this link. Please don’t keep settings when upgrading.

Refer to this guide to set it up.

It’s solved. the Shadowsocks settings are hidden in the Advanced Settings in firmware 2.xx


I upgraded to v3.0 firmware and followed the guide to enable the Shadowsocks client and it is working.

But I still have two problems:

  1. The connection is very slow, even for normal web surfing. I noticed in the Advanced → Services → Shadowsocks → Transparent Proxy … the UDP-Relay Server shows “Unusable - Missing iptables-mod-tproxy”. I could not find this in the Applications - Plug-ins

  2. DNS Leak test still show my DNS server as that of my ISP, not the VPN server’s. How do I prevent DNS leak.

Thanks for replies.


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Not sure about udp relay server. It may not be used.

About DNS, please use DNS over tls from cloudflare.

SS doesn’t support udp so you have to use tcp for dns.

Thank u! This saved me much anguish!!