Shadowsocks stops working when adding a second server

After I add a second (third) server in Shadowsocks, it completely stops working:

After adding one server (it works):

After adding another server (can’t use shadowsocks anymore):

Does anyone else have this bug? I can reproduce by flashing the latest firmware and it always happens. Rebooting doesn’t help.

Is it possible to obtain an older version of the firmware that doesn’t have this bug?

Where can I see logs that would help me figure out what the problem is?


What is the firmware version you are using?

I believe it said I was using the latest firmware on the upgrade page (e.g. 3.017).

I just tested it and added three servers in Shadowsocks, it works fine.

Can you try it after reset the router?

Yes I tried after resetting as well and same bug.

This is very strange, I tested it many times is normal, you can upgrade to the latest test firmware to try .you can download the firmware here