Share Account - Now no access

Tricky issue to explain, Here’s the setup
I have one account that holds routers and configuration for my organization. The goodcloud account is the upgraded business version.
I’ve shared individual routers through goodcloud with my own personal goodcloud account. I’ve also shared my personal account with the organizations account within Settings menu.
The result is a limited Admin view when viewing organization’s dashboard from my personal account. That’s fine, It’s a test to see if sharing with other employee accounts is appropriate.

The problem: Now when I login to my personal goodcloud account, even it is subordinate to itself! I can’t see any S2S settings or anything, only that limited view just like for my company. Now I can’t manage my own personal routers.

Can someone undo this?

Can you provide your username or sign up email?

Company Account - PugetSoundSolar
Personal - butter_fry

It was a bug between subaccount and sharing the device, we have fixed it for your account.
We are planing to refactor the feature of subaccount in the next months. The business account could mange the role by yourselves and we would fix the conflict bug of subaccount and sharing the device in the new feature.