Share Feedback to Get a 20%OFF Coupon!

We always welcome customers to share user experiences with us, this helps us to discover product bugs and make improvements. To thank users for sharing product feedback, we are offering 20% OFF single-use coupons. Follow the steps below to get your coupon code!

Two ways to participate in this activity:

  1. Share your product experience on GL.iNet Forum

  2. Share your product experience on social media and tag us, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

(Posts with images are highly preferred!)

After sharing your feedback, please FILL IN THIS FORM and we will send you the coupon in about 1 week.

(Note: Amazon review is not counted in this activity.)

Coupon Details:

Coupon valid time: Mar 15 - Apr 14, 2022 (Depends on the time zone of different Amazon sites.)

Products: Flint (GL-AX1800) or Opal (GL-SFT1200)

Number of coupons: 100

(Note: The coupons are available for Amazon US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain only. The activity will end when all the 100 coupons have been distributed.)

How to leave a review on our forum?

Step 1: Create your account on GL.iNet forum.


Step 2: Click “New Topic”.


Step 3: Most importantly, choose “Product Reviews & Recommendations” as the category.

Step 4: Write down any opinions about our products or share your user experience.

Step 5: Click “Create Topic” and submit.


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