Sharing of masterpiece - the amazing Slate AX 5G go box created by our customer

Hey everyone, we’re thrilled to share the masterpiece - the amazing Slate AX 5G go box created by our customer, Mr. John Fleming with all of you. It’s beautifully designed and packed with great features. It’s sporting a dual sim USB adapter, a Slate AX and two pi fans underneath the Slate AX. For all you DIY enthusiasts out there, we’d love to see your own creations too. Don’t be shy, share them with us! :smirk:

Credit to: John Fleming


Looks awesome! Credit to John.

Could you share additional details on the dual SIM PCB model, antenna models, and how these are set up to interact with the Slate AX?

On the Slate AX, is “tethering” or “cellular” selected? Or is it something more complicated?

Nice compact setup.

I like how the antenna’s fit into that small bullkhead.

Which modem are you using?

Did you have to custom make that box?

Tell us more!

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Hi guys, I am using the RM520N-GL modem in the build. The dual sim board connects to the Slate AX via USB 3 and is treated as a cellular connection in the software. Sim can be switched by issuing AT+QUIMSLOT=1 (or 2) and then reboot.

I enjoy custom building these systems and GL inet has been a good compact router to fit in the package. Some of my designs include an external rj45 port, sometimes a different type of modem adapter board, and of course different color boxes. if you have suggestions for improvement, I would love to hear them


Thank you for the information!

The cases look great! If you make any other builds in the future, please do share them.

Would be cool to see you add a battery pack too, which is easier with the Slate AX as it runs off USB-C, and there are some great ones out there that can be simultaneously charged, and provide power. I did some tests a while ago with the Brume-W travel router, and if my memory serves me correctly I was able to run that for ~14 hours with a 20,000mAh battery pack. I wonder how long you’d be able to power the Slate AX for on the same battery pack size?

Anker now offer a 40,000mAh battery pack, though a little expensive, that’s the kind of thing I’d look to put in a go-box / on-the-go box.

A couple of nuclear switches would also add to the aesthetics too! :sunglasses: Some inspiration:

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One other suggestion I think you should consider is adding is an IEC C13 panel mount mains socket to the side of the case. This would allow you to have have all the power / transformers on the inside of the case, and a good sturdy connector on the outside.

Did you make that yellow case or can it be ordered somewhere?

I modified an existing box design in order to mount the components securely. then 3d printed it in yellow. of course other colors can be done as well