Shd brumeW's /data be shared or i better insert a tf card?

I wanna stop all my PCs from youtube and entertain website,
then only use youtube-dl and wget on brumeW to grab the contents, even only part.

currently I am using sftp/ftp(i installed vsftpd) for download to PC, but FTP is not a good way.

I wanna use samba.

I am not sure about user rights what chmod 755,
so just wanna ask will my life be easier if I somehow share brumeW’s 8G /data out or insert a 8G tf card?

share /data seems need a lot of config,

insert tf seems may have user right problem? because I wget and youtube-dl using account “root”,
not sure copy to tf is it downloadable.

pls advise if possible, thanks

Personally, I have a SD/TF card in my GL-MV10002 Brume for sharing, just to keep things separate and be able to get much larger storage (32GB EXT4 format in my case).

If you want to share /data, it is quite easy:

chmod 755 means:

1st digit = 7 → Owner has Read, Write, Execute permission
2nd digit = 5 → Group has Read, Execute, but not Write permission
3rd digit = 5 → Everyone has Read, Execute, but not Write permission

This is a common default permission in Linux-based systems, if you do not want clients (guests) to delete files, so you (root) have to delete them.