Shell command for starting and stopping wireguard server and openvpn client

Is it possible to start/stop the wireguard server and the openvpn client via shell script or shell command?

You can use following commands
For Openvpn

/etc/init.d/startvpn start

For Wireguard

/etc/init.d/wireguard start

Great - thanks!
Is there a possibility to specify the OpenVPN-Client profile when starting the OpenVPN client via shell command?

You can specify the OpenVPN-Client profile in /etc/config/glconfig

I see! Many thanks! Cheers

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Just tried - is not working. Command is accepted but either VPN Client can be started or stopped nor the Wireguard Server can be started or stopped - just nothing happens…

You need to give logs. Post your screenshot of your shell commands, including ‘ps’ to list the processes.

It’s interesting information.