Shorttest of

From marketing point of view:

  • What ever the offered service of this website is, its looks for me, its don’t explain by self what are offered. It can be it can speed up the success of the offered service, if its:
    • described by one to 3 sentences what are offered
    • describe on a short technical how to, how to configure what ever are offered. That will be helpful for possible customer. (I have seen the video which are available, a I didn’t watched, because i don’t watch videos.)

On this time its not clear for people like me:

  • what are offered
  • how to use

You don’t need to tell me. Tell it on your website for your possible customer.

From security point of view:

  • The website have a long list of security issues. Please check by self.

Thanks for your advice.
Cloud you please send the security issues to our email (, we will fix it soon.

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We have fixed security issues, you can check it with SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

Thats looking good now, for me.

How about the possible DNS leak of actual router firmware ?: