Should I get the global version of GL-E750?

I am in the USA, but travel often to Europe and South East Asia.

Does it make sense to pay the extra and get the Global version with the EG25-G LTE chip?

Are there any drawbacks when using this Global version router in the USA vs the North America version I can buy on Amazon?


I travel all around the world, and my advice would be to get the global version (with EG25-G module). Compared to the EP06-A or EP06-E, it has a lower transfer rate but definitely will work with every band. It also depends on how much speed you plan to get from the router.
I own a GL-E750 with EG25-G and have no complains. The battery lasts more than 10 hours (following the advice from this forum, using only the 2,4GHz frequency, under low power and with the 5GHz frequency off.)


The Quectel EG25-G supports more bands, so has a greater likelihood (but no guarantee) to work in Europe and SE Asia. If you get cheaper model, then it may not work at all when you travel.

The extra cost is pretty small relative to your travel costs. It may be worth buying both modules so you can swap them as needed.

Personally, I have 2 Huawei E5573 hotspot device models for different bands in different countries.

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